Welcome to the Ténéré Tragics


The inaugural Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks was staged in 2011 in the spectacular Flinders Ranges of South Australia. Every year since then the Tragics have gathered in different states of Australia in the first week of March to overdose on the Ténéré spirit. 

In 2020 the Ténéré Tragics Gold Rush Run will roar into life from March 1 to 6 and will see the Tragics romping around southern, western and central Victoria on their tenth anniversary Run, which will be packed with all the Ténéré Gold the Tragics have come to know and love.

Each year we also host the Ride to The Snowy Ride Adventure, which takes ADV  riders to The Snowy Ride charity event at Thredbo on the first weekend of November. Click on the Snowy Ride tab for more info on this ride, which helps raise funds for the Steven Walter Children's Cancer Foundation. 

Then if you want to run with the Tragics, use the Contact Us tab and ask to be added to our  database to receive Ténéré Tragics Run and/or Ride to The Snowy Ride Adventure ride details.

How it all began


My name is Clubby but they call me Captain Tragic. I've been a longtime dirt bike magazine editor and Ténéréitis sufferer. For years I suffered in silence, until my good mate Lance, who also had the same affliction, said, "Hey, if we run a ride just for Ténérés, do you reckon anyone would show up?" So we did, and they did, with almost 50 newfound fellow Ténéré Tragics coming from all around the country for the first-ever Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks in the Flinders Ranges in 2011. We've been hosting the Run every year since and along the way it's become the world's biggest annual celebration of Yamaha's mighty Ténéré and Super Ténéré adventure machines.

Who are the Ténéré Tragics?


The Ténéré Tragics share one thing in common: an overwhelming passion for the Ténéré brand. No matter whether they themselves are young or old, or their Ténéré is an original 1983 model 34L or current 660 or 1200, the mystique of Yamaha's legendary go-anywhere adventure machine is what brings us all together. The Tragics come from all around Australia, they can be fathers and sons, they can be lady Tragics too, but to a man and woman, the biggest ride of the year for all of them is when they run with their fellow Tragics for five days straight and overdose on the Tenere spirit.